Surrounded by tranquility agritourism with swimming pool Cinque Terre Lerici Sarzana - near us - Agritourism with swimming pool La bianca Fattoria - Italy Cinque Terre Lerici

La Bianca Fattoria
Agritourism surrounded by greenery for adults and children, it is only a few minutes from the Cinque Terre and the beaches of Lerici, Forte dei Marmi, Marina di Massa and Viareggio.
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Surrounded by tranquility agritourism with swimming pool Cinque Terre Lerici Sarzana - near us

What to do
The agritourisme “La Bianca Fattoria” is located in a strategic position. In fact from here you can easily go to the beautiful towns of the Ligurian Riviera ( Bocca di Magra, Tellaro, Fiascherino, Lerici, Portovenere), the famous Cinque Terre with the villages overlooking the sea ( Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza e Monterosso) or to Versilia beaches, the historical cities of Pisa, Lucca, Parma, Florence, the suggestive Garfagnana area but also to the hills around Sarzana. In this section, there are the summary descriptions of the must-see turistic and historical locations.
For those who do not want to waste time looking for parking to get to the beach, just 2 minutes from the agritousim there is a bus service that reaches Lerici and the Cinque Terre. The large free parking of the shopping center is adjacent to the bus stop.
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SARZANA: Sarzana is located in the East coast of the river Magra and it is the main city of Lunigiana, it is popular for his crafts, farm, turistic points and expecially for its gorgeous artistic heritage, like the century walls around Sarzana. The Fortezza of Castruccio Castracani is the main and characteristic imagine of the town and it has a special meaning for the locals. Here many important men lived: Fiasella, Ivani, Bertoloni, Niccolò V and so on. You can visit the Fortezza with tours. EVENTS: every year in August there is typical market called “Mostra Mercato Nazionale dell’ Antiquariato” (National Antiques Fair) City of Sarzana. It takes place in Fortezza Firmafede since 1965 by the local antique dealers, and you can find plenty of different things, both historical and modern.

LUNI: Luni is located in the edge between Liguria and Tuscany, near the river Magra, this is an ancient town, still with visible ruins of the past, like Capitolium, San Marco crypt and bell tower. Historics say that this city exists since the Paleolitic Age, anyway its foundation was during the second century and it becames famous in the Roman Age for its harbour, where the fully marble of Alpi Apuane boats use to leave. During the Middle Age Luni becames rich, but later the malaria and a climatic changing forced people to move to Sarzana.
Don’t forget to visit the archeological museum, built in 1964 in the middle of the ancient Roman part of Luni, where you can see fragments of bronze and marble sculptures, funeral and votive altars, decorations and terracotta objects.

LERICI It is located at the ending east part of Golfo dei Poeti and it is known for his castle. There are plenty of vineyard, gardens and beaches, this is the reason why Romantic from England loved to come here. In fact, during all the year it is very nice to live in Lerici, thanks to the warm weather, the green hills and vegetation.
Fiascherino and Tellaro are the two most beautiful places to visit. Finally, there are many and different hotels, beach points, disco bar and restaurants where you can try some typical meals like the dates sea soup and spaghetti “alla lericina”.

PORTOVENERE It is a characteristic medieval village located at the ending point of Golfo of La Spezia, with the typical bastille houses, a castle and the S.Peter church overlooking the sea. Nowadays tourists love this place for his simple and beautiful landscapes, the colourful tower houses and the suggestive lanes crossing the town. In front of Portovenere there is Palmaria Island, connected to the mainland by the ferry from Portovenere, La Spezia and Lerici.

CINQUE TERRE The charm of the hills overlooking the sea, this land remember an amazing painting drawn by a Romantic artist. Cinque Terre is a rare pearl in this area, a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, thanks to their particular houses and footpaths faithful to the local seafaring tradition. You can start the trip through this places from the highway exit of Brugnato, crossing Borghetto Vara and Pignone, you finally arrive in Monterosso, the first of these five little villages which make up Cinque Terre. The particular rock structure of the territory astonish the tourist, welcomed by a giant statue of Neptune watching the sea. The others town of Cinque Terre are Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, united by the famous Street of Love (Via dell’Amore): a track along the sea of a lovely natural charm. Here you can see lots of vineyard, from where it is obtained the local white wine “Sciacchetrà”, absolutely to try.

VAL DI MAGRA The river basin of Magra, that comes up from the Borgognone Mountain and it is 62 km long, is the main part of the Lunigiana, but only the ending 18 km belong to La Spezia. Sarzana is the heart of this area, followed by S.Stefano, Ponzano (310 meter above sea level) and Castelnuovo Magra. On the South part there are Nicola and Ortonovo, both Medieval villages; while on the East part there is Vezzano Ligure with his two castles of Arcola and Ameglia, and Luni. Finally, on the West there are Marinella and Bocca di Magra.

VAL DI VARA This is the biggest valley of Liguria, with many different landscapes and historical villages, preserved from the modern architecture and industrialization. There are lots of different excursions that you can join: horse trekking, mountain bike, birdwatching, canoe and so on. The valley is also known as Valle dei Borghi Rotondi, where squares, streets and houses are built around the church or the castle, according the Medieval tradition. Varese Ligure, Bolano, Brugnato and Beverino are the most popular towns.
From Bolano there is a path called “Alta via dei monti liguri” , 440 km long, that passing through all Liguria arriving in Ventimiglia.

Amadeo Lia Museum
It is located in the old convent structure of S.Francesco di Paola, created in 1600.

-National Museum of Transports
It was built in 1986 with the purpose to keep safe the trolley vehicles, replaced by the eletronic and combustion ones in the Modernity Age.
Here you can have a look at trolley bus and locomotive trains.

-San Giorgio Castle Museum
It is located in a high ground called Il Poggio, dated around 1400.
Today it is the venue of the archaeological collection of Formentini Civic Museum.
It is open all the days except on Tuesday, 9.30am-12.30pm and 15pm- 18pm.
On the first Sunday of the month there are free tours, you just need to pay the entry ticket.
To contact the museum you can call 0187.751.142

-Museum Diocesano
This is a Diocesan Museum of the area around Sarzana, La Spezia and Brugnato, located along Via Prione.
It is characterized by a Neoclassical frontage with a desecrated oratory of S.Bernardino and it incorporates part of the Medieval Walls that used to close the city.

-Museum Sigillo
This museum is inside the Art Palace called “Lucio R.Rosaia”, a Neogotic style building faced to Via Prione.
It was created in 2000, when Capellini family decided to donate a fully collection of sphragistic things, that took about 30 years of research with the cooperation of the Secret Vatican Archive, the Prohibited City of Beiying Archive and the Paris Lalique Maison, which gave their help to select all the material.
European, American and Asian xylographers affirm that is one of the best in the world, with both ancient and modern seal collections .
The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am- 18pm.
Address: Via Prione, 236 La Spezia. Telephone 0187.778.544

-Camec- Modern and Contemporary Art Centre
This Centre takes place to preserve, expose and promote the civic collections of “Premio del Golfo” between 1949 and 1965 and the ones of Cozzani and Battolini families.
Expecially, there are the works of the most contemporary artists.
It is located in the heart of the La Spezia city and it collect Modern and Contemporary Art archives, exhibitions and events.
It is open from Tuesday to Sunday 10.30am-13pm and 14.30pm-18pm.
Address: Piazza Battisti,1 La Spezia. Telephone 0187.734.593 Fax 0187.256.773

-Ethnographic Civic Museum Giovanni Podenzana
After the transfer of the Archaeological Collections, what was called the Museum “Ubaldo Formentini” is now named Giovanni Podenzana, that is the passionate collector who on late nineteenth century recovered elements of popular tradition and social life of the countryside that was waning in the wake of industrialization. What emerges is a high civilization way, capable of transforming objects minutes and with no apparent intrinsic appeal in small artistic masterpieces, a dignified daily life through a skilled craft.

-Technical Naval Museum of Spezia
Located next to the main entrance of the famous arsenal of the Navy, the Museum preserves precious memorabilia of many battles of the Mediterranean starting from the memories of the Battle of Lepanto up to our day.
Weapons, documents, navigational instruments sail and steam navigation. History of the Italian Navy. The Museum offers visitors a wide and clear display of naval means, military equipment and historical artifacts related to the naval history.
The historical reconstruction accurate and variety and quantity of artifacts, documents and materials on display, make it very interesting around the 3000 square meters of the Museum.
There are report parts of the submarine wreck Scirè, the survivors of the radio tragic expedition and the pole of the airship Italy, experimental radio station used by the general Guglielmo Marconi in 1897 for its transmission experiments.
Telephone 0187-783016

-National Archaeological Museum of Luni and excavations
It is an important archaeological site with the remains of the city from the Etruscans to the Roman colonization and the Middle Ages.
You can visit, in particular, the remains of the Forum, the Amphitheatre, the Walls.
In the museum there are exposed the finds of the excavations: marble, bronze portraits, inscriptions, jewelry.
Telephone 0187/66811 – Houres: 9am-19pm. Closed Christmas, New Year’s Eve and 1st of May

-Archaeological Museum of Ethnography
The Ethnographic Museum was reopened to the public in May 2005, with a renewed construction in the new premises of the former fifteenth-century Oratory of San Bernardino, in the historic center of the city.
Numerous items were donated mostly by Giovanni Podenzana (1864-1943), an eclectic figure of musician, ethnographer and naturalist of La Spezia, who picked them up from 1891 to 1936 ….
Telephone 0187-739537

Swimming pool - Air conditioning - Free WI-FI in rooms and outdoors - table tennis - table football
Pets Allowed. For more details click      here
Country: Italy
Region:  Liguria Riviera di Levante (eastern riviera)
Border with: Tuscany
Satellite coordinates: 44 ° 08'05.94, 9 ° 57'37.60

Tourist resorts convenient to reach: Lerici, Cinque Terre (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore), Versilia (Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Seravezza, Stazzema, Camaiore, Viareggio), Massa, Carrara and the marble quarries.
Easily reachable in: car, train from Sarzana, bus from Sarzana, ferry.
Cities to visit: Genoa, Pisa, Lucca, Florence.

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